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Welcome to our website, a place that will offer you in the future all the information you might need if you love sailing on the open sea. Starting with the most basic information that will allow you to get started, you will then get information on various types of boats that will allow you to make an easier choice if you intend to buy one. In time you will be able to learn more about sailing all kinds of boats, improving your skill and even starting out with sailboat racing.

Sailing for Beginners

As you’re just starting out with sailing, chances are that you’re going to find the process difficult enough to master. Unless you have a friend or family member that already has a boat and he can teach you how to use it, you will have to rely on external sources of information and on sailing classes that are available everywhere these days.

On our website you will find all that information that you need as a beginner. Whether you have some help from a friend, you’re taking classes or you’re doing it all on your own, you need a place where you can go to when you need some tips on how to maneuver or do maintenance on a sailboat.

While licenses are not required to start sailing, there are some organizations out there that will offer you classes and give you a certification or a competence certificate. We’ll tell you what you need to know if you want to learn more about sailing from these organizations.
Information on sailing boats

Just like car lovers enjoy reading and seeing pictures with cars, sailing boat enthusiasts love to read up on the various models that are available on the market. You will learn on our website about the types of sailboats that are navigating the oceans, from the smallest ones to the bigger models that are luxurious and require larger crews.

Besides watching the pictures of these superb sailing boats, you will be able to learn about the way they work and what makes them special. You will learn how to figure out what kind of boat to get if you simply want to do saltwater fishing, what you need if you want to party with your friends or sunbathe and what are the requirements when you’re looking to go on a cruise around the world. Do you want to take part in a regatta and race on the open ocean against other like minded individuals that love sailing just as much as you do? You will learn more about this sport on our website as well.

Sailing News

Staying updated with the latest information from the sailing world is easy if you keep an eye on our website. There are regularly updated news here that will tell you what you need to know about the new boats that are launched, about regattas and about new technologies and sailing gadgets that you can take advantage of to improve your experience.