Russian Billionaire Builds Largest Yacht Ever

Andrey Melnichenko is one of the few Russian Billionaire’s & he is one of the few billionaire’s around the world who likes to extend his luxurious life style beyond that of a normal person. That is why the Russian is building the largest sailing yacht in existence with a length of more than 480 Ft. Unfortunately this boat has been a well kept secret ever since work on the vessel began back in 2012.

Andrey Melnichenko yacht

This ship is being named the White Pearl due to the fact that is resemble one. The ship is going to be 482 Feet in length, this is reminiscent of a river boat cruise vessel. None the less this ground breaking ship is the second yacht to be created by this billionaire, his previous vessel being the 394 Foot yacht “A” which is by far the most photographed yacht in the world. Apparently this vessel is going to resemble that of a modern palace within its inner cabins. There’ll be a three story high atrium, a massive swimming pool that is being designed to resemble the world of “Pirates of Caribbean” is being included as well and there’ll be enough rooms to fit the crew of sixty six people as well as his guests.

Those workers helping to complete the yacht have even begun to say that this yacht will make his original look like a dinghy and that this vessel alone could be compared to some of the most exotic cruise liners in the world. The billionaire has also noted that he won’t be selling his previous vessel either.

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