Rio de Janeiro to build filter facilities

Rio de Janeiro is the next location for the summer Olympics, which will be in 2016. Unfortunately the water quality as of right now is being reported to be toxic. The toxicity is so bad that sailors have begun to avoid the area stating that the garbage they encounter is going into their engines causing for them to be destroyed. This essentially means that there is more garbage than water, causing engines to be drowned in filth that liters the waters in this area.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Officials plan on fixing this issue though by building eight different treatment facilities in order to purify Guanbara Bay. These facilities will be built on the shoreline and will be removed a week before the games start, while they are being removed a mass amount of security will be at the bay until the end of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The reasoning for this is because Rio de Janeiro citizens don’t want the Olympics to come to their city, their doing everything in their power to cause the Olympic Board to change their minds.

The truth of the matter is that these Olympic Games are less than a year away now and that the Olympic Board can’t change their minds anymore. If these water treatment facilities aren’t built in the upcoming months than athletes will have to swim and boat within waters that are so toxic they can be deadly. A large portion of swimmers have already stated that they won’t be entering the waters if they aren’t purified. This isn’t shocking as being healthy is more important than a medal.

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