Russian Billionaire Building Super Yacht

Anthony Melnichenko is one of the richest men in the world, he is also known for being the only billionaire who is shy about how he spends his riches. Luckily for the first time in years we’ve been able to gain an insight on his future goals. Mr. Melnichenko is building the world’s largest yacht today, this yacht is being called “Sailing Yacht A” and will be a total of 468 feet long. It’ll also have three masts that are taller than the Big Ben Clock tower in London, England.

Anthony Melnichenko

This vessel is costing Mr. Melnichenko a total of $451 Million to make this vessel. It’ll be the most advanced vessel of its kind and look beyond modern. The best technology available for any sailing vessel is being placed into “Yacht A” which will make it one of the safest, fastest and securest vessels on the water. This yacht will have a total of eight desks, fifty four employees, crew quarters, visitor quarters and of course the master sweet where Mr. Melnichenko will reside while being on the sea.

On top of all of that on the final deck of this vessel will have a room that is made of the same glass that lies on the CN Tower, glass strong enough to withstand a 400 Ton Nuclear Blast. Through this glass this billionaire will be able to view any water life that is under his Yacht. There’ll also be two pools, a small movie theatre, master kitchen and so much more. This’ll truly be the first cruise liner yacht to sail the seas.