China Angered By Sailing Warship

China is a country which is famous for being oblivious to everything around them, even their own ideas and ideologies. China recently has been created their own artificial islands in international waters, waters which are allowed to be sailed by all. China is claiming that this is a part of their ocean but it’s far from the case. Due to this it’s still legal for ships to sail these waters but china is shooting them down in acts of war. This has caused for the USA to send out a U.S. Navy Warship which in return has angered China.

chinese flag

They’ve called upon the American Ambassador in order to protect this warship sailing in what they consider their waters. The truth of the matter is that the United Nations, a group which consists of almost every country in the world, has more presence than China. The US as well as the United Nations are watching these artificial islands binge built in great detail, any form of weaponry installed on them will be seen as an act of war.

In a manner of days China would be appealing to the United States of America. China’s economy would be hit hard without the USA but the United States can survive easily without them. The USA also has the most accumulated weapons of mass destruction and this helps as a deterrent regardless of what China wishes for these islands , ultimately the USA will make sure that these islands are not used for military purposes that are mant to control the region.