Yacht Racing Forum 2017 Being Held in Aarhus

Yacht Racing is one of the most popular sports in the upper class throughout the world. One of the leading conferences regarding this form of racing is the “Yacht Racing Forum” which this year is being held in Aarhus, Denmark. This two day event sees all of the sports key personalities as well as industry insiders in order to discuss business, the future of the sport, sponsorships, media and more.

Aarhus, Denmark

Yacht Racing is quickly becoming more popular around the globe as well, so much so that it is starting to become a considerable sport for the Olympic in 2022. If this sport was to enter the Olympics then it would allow for a brand new audience to be drawn into its action. This conference could determine if this sport will make it into the Olympics so early, it depends entirely on the amount of people whom show interest in the venue and the sport.

The Sailing World Championships 2018 is also going to be held in Aarhus, Denmark. This’ll surely put Aarhus on the map as one of the most notable & famous cities in which you can sail professionally in. Aarhus is currently the second largest city in Denmark, it holds the title of “European Capital of Culture” and it’s a city well known for hosting international events. Adding “Yacht Sailing Championship City of 2018” to their list of titles will only increase its popularity once more.

In order to combat the rise in popularity of sailing in the city Aarhus, Denmark is currently building one of the most advanced sailing centers in the globe.