2015 Youth Sailing World Championship Underway

The 2015 Youth Sailing World Championship has begun in Langkawi, Malaysia. This is the 45th time this event has been held. A total of four hundred and twenty-five sailors are participating in the event. One hundred and twenty-five coaches are guiding their sailors and officials from seventy-six different countries are viewing the events. This interesting aspect of this is that these are event breaking numbers in terms of the amount of sailors and number of nations participating in the event. Last year Portugal & Tavira were two of the best nations on the water, due to the new nations participating this could no longer be the case.

2015 Youth Sailing World Championship

These sailors compete in five different classes, each class having nine different events to test the sailors. The sailors are tested on their speed, agility and ability to perform under harsh waters. Truly watching this event can be high paced during the moments when sailors are sailing through storms. The opening ceremonies cautioned safety & patience amongst the sailors.

The events began on December 29th, 2015 on Tuesday. The racing shall continue onwards until January 3rd, 2016. On this day five new Youth World Sailing Champions shall be crowned. These are sailors whom are destined to have an astonishing career in the naval industry. At this point the hobby becomes a career, a career which can be loved & enjoyed every day. As of right now the sailors are relaxing at Lagenda Park Beach in Malaysia, their resting until the tomorrow morning where the races begin.