NCL Has Big Plans for Summer 2017

Norwegian Cruise Lines, a cruise ship which resembles something more classic & refined unlike so many other cruise lines have announced it’s plans for Summer 2017 in Europe. These plans have rocked waves for European Cruisers as for the first time ever five NCL ships shall be sailing the waters of Europe during their summer season.


Three ships have been announced already. Those ships include the Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Spirit and Norwegian Star. The Norwegian Getaway is the second newest ship in NCL’s fleet, this will provide the best services that NCL has to offer. The Norwegian Epic on the other hand is the most recently refurbished NCL ship and also is focuses on providing the very best in services that the cruise line is known for.

The other three ships offer a more refined, classic experience that’ll feel as if you’ve been sent back into time to experience a high society life style. The prices for NCL have always been reasonable as well. Being able to dock at various locations throughout Europe will allow for customers to experience some of the most unique places around the globe.

Whomever wishes to take one of these cruises won’t be able to do so until 2017. This also means that you’ll have to wait until the end of this year or shortly before that in order to book a room on one of these cruises. Be ensured though that the “Washey-Washey” crew will provide a customer with every need they desire, the dining experience will be out of this world, the activities provide countless hours of enjoyment and everyone on the cruise will show happiness to one another.