NCL Has Big Plans for Summer 2017

Norwegian Cruise Lines, a cruise ship which resembles something more classic & refined unlike so many other cruise lines have announced it’s plans for Summer 2017 in Europe. These plans have rocked waves for European Cruisers as for the first time ever five NCL ships shall be sailing the waters of Europe during their summer season.


Three ships have been announced already. Those ships include the Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Spirit and Norwegian Star. The Norwegian Getaway is the second newest ship in NCL’s fleet, this will provide the best services that NCL has to offer. The Norwegian Epic on the other hand is the most recently refurbished NCL ship and also is focuses on providing the very best in services that the cruise line is known for.

The other three ships offer a more refined, classic experience that’ll feel as if you’ve been sent back into time to experience a high society life style. The prices for NCL have always been reasonable as well. Being able to dock at various locations throughout Europe will allow for customers to experience some of the most unique places around the globe.

Whomever wishes to take one of these cruises won’t be able to do so until 2017. This also means that you’ll have to wait until the end of this year or shortly before that in order to book a room on one of these cruises. Be ensured though that the “Washey-Washey” crew will provide a customer with every need they desire, the dining experience will be out of this world, the activities provide countless hours of enjoyment and everyone on the cruise will show happiness to one another.

2015 Youth Sailing World Championship Underway

The 2015 Youth Sailing World Championship has begun in Langkawi, Malaysia. This is the 45th time this event has been held. A total of four hundred and twenty-five sailors are participating in the event. One hundred and twenty-five coaches are guiding their sailors and officials from seventy-six different countries are viewing the events. This interesting aspect of this is that these are event breaking numbers in terms of the amount of sailors and number of nations participating in the event. Last year Portugal & Tavira were two of the best nations on the water, due to the new nations participating this could no longer be the case.

2015 Youth Sailing World Championship

These sailors compete in five different classes, each class having nine different events to test the sailors. The sailors are tested on their speed, agility and ability to perform under harsh waters. Truly watching this event can be high paced during the moments when sailors are sailing through storms. The opening ceremonies cautioned safety & patience amongst the sailors.

The events began on December 29th, 2015 on Tuesday. The racing shall continue onwards until January 3rd, 2016. On this day five new Youth World Sailing Champions shall be crowned. These are sailors whom are destined to have an astonishing career in the naval industry. At this point the hobby becomes a career, a career which can be loved & enjoyed every day. As of right now the sailors are relaxing at Lagenda Park Beach in Malaysia, their resting until the tomorrow morning where the races begin.

Yacht Racing Forum 2017 Being Held in Aarhus

Yacht Racing is one of the most popular sports in the upper class throughout the world. One of the leading conferences regarding this form of racing is the “Yacht Racing Forum” which this year is being held in Aarhus, Denmark. This two day event sees all of the sports key personalities as well as industry insiders in order to discuss business, the future of the sport, sponsorships, media and more.

Aarhus, Denmark

Yacht Racing is quickly becoming more popular around the globe as well, so much so that it is starting to become a considerable sport for the Olympic in 2022. If this sport was to enter the Olympics then it would allow for a brand new audience to be drawn into its action. This conference could determine if this sport will make it into the Olympics so early, it depends entirely on the amount of people whom show interest in the venue and the sport.

The Sailing World Championships 2018 is also going to be held in Aarhus, Denmark. This’ll surely put Aarhus on the map as one of the most notable & famous cities in which you can sail professionally in. Aarhus is currently the second largest city in Denmark, it holds the title of “European Capital of Culture” and it’s a city well known for hosting international events. Adding “Yacht Sailing Championship City of 2018” to their list of titles will only increase its popularity once more.

In order to combat the rise in popularity of sailing in the city Aarhus, Denmark is currently building one of the most advanced sailing centers in the globe.

China Angered By Sailing Warship

China is a country which is famous for being oblivious to everything around them, even their own ideas and ideologies. China recently has been created their own artificial islands in international waters, waters which are allowed to be sailed by all. China is claiming that this is a part of their ocean but it’s far from the case. Due to this it’s still legal for ships to sail these waters but china is shooting them down in acts of war. This has caused for the USA to send out a U.S. Navy Warship which in return has angered China.

chinese flag

They’ve called upon the American Ambassador in order to protect this warship sailing in what they consider their waters. The truth of the matter is that the United Nations, a group which consists of almost every country in the world, has more presence than China. The US as well as the United Nations are watching these artificial islands binge built in great detail, any form of weaponry installed on them will be seen as an act of war.

In a manner of days China would be appealing to the United States of America. China’s economy would be hit hard without the USA but the United States can survive easily without them. The USA also has the most accumulated weapons of mass destruction and this helps as a deterrent regardless of what China wishes for these islands , ultimately the USA will make sure that these islands are not used for military purposes that are mant to control the region.

Ontario Invests In Public Sailing Club

The Province of Ontario has revealed that their investing in the expansion of the “Parry Sound Public Sailing Club”. This investment is in order to increase tourism within the sailing season. This is obviously a part of Ontario’s goal to make the Parry Sound Waterfront something spectacular and notable within the province.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation is funding this investment, giving the public sailing club a total of $118,230 in order to expand this sailing club. Sail Parry Sound is adding a second floor to their boathouse, this second floor will include a public observation desk as well as a café. This project also have room for a sail repair shop, a bike/watercraft rental shop, change room facilities and a new set of washrooms.

The Parry Sound Waterfront is the largest infrastructure investment project that Ontario has undertaken. During the last decade a total of $130 Billion has been spent on creating modern roads, transit systems, hospitals, schools, bridges and more. In return this has created 110,000 jobs annually with each year. The Ontario Government is hoping that by doing this Parry Sound can become the new Whistler. Whistler being one of the most famed skiing locations in the world, it’s located in British Columbia Canada. If this becomes the case then the Parry Sound Public Sailing House will benefit greatly from the increase in tourism.

It’ll be another five to ten years at most before the waterfront is completed and true tourism can begin within the area.

Russian Billionaire Building Super Yacht

Anthony Melnichenko is one of the richest men in the world, he is also known for being the only billionaire who is shy about how he spends his riches. Luckily for the first time in years we’ve been able to gain an insight on his future goals. Mr. Melnichenko is building the world’s largest yacht today, this yacht is being called “Sailing Yacht A” and will be a total of 468 feet long. It’ll also have three masts that are taller than the Big Ben Clock tower in London, England.

Anthony Melnichenko

This vessel is costing Mr. Melnichenko a total of $451 Million to make this vessel. It’ll be the most advanced vessel of its kind and look beyond modern. The best technology available for any sailing vessel is being placed into “Yacht A” which will make it one of the safest, fastest and securest vessels on the water. This yacht will have a total of eight desks, fifty four employees, crew quarters, visitor quarters and of course the master sweet where Mr. Melnichenko will reside while being on the sea.

On top of all of that on the final deck of this vessel will have a room that is made of the same glass that lies on the CN Tower, glass strong enough to withstand a 400 Ton Nuclear Blast. Through this glass this billionaire will be able to view any water life that is under his Yacht. There’ll also be two pools, a small movie theatre, master kitchen and so much more. This’ll truly be the first cruise liner yacht to sail the seas.

Rio de Janeiro to build filter facilities

Rio de Janeiro is the next location for the summer Olympics, which will be in 2016. Unfortunately the water quality as of right now is being reported to be toxic. The toxicity is so bad that sailors have begun to avoid the area stating that the garbage they encounter is going into their engines causing for them to be destroyed. This essentially means that there is more garbage than water, causing engines to be drowned in filth that liters the waters in this area.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Officials plan on fixing this issue though by building eight different treatment facilities in order to purify Guanbara Bay. These facilities will be built on the shoreline and will be removed a week before the games start, while they are being removed a mass amount of security will be at the bay until the end of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The reasoning for this is because Rio de Janeiro citizens don’t want the Olympics to come to their city, their doing everything in their power to cause the Olympic Board to change their minds.

The truth of the matter is that these Olympic Games are less than a year away now and that the Olympic Board can’t change their minds anymore. If these water treatment facilities aren’t built in the upcoming months than athletes will have to swim and boat within waters that are so toxic they can be deadly. A large portion of swimmers have already stated that they won’t be entering the waters if they aren’t purified. This isn’t shocking as being healthy is more important than a medal.

Russian Billionaire Builds Largest Yacht Ever

Andrey Melnichenko is one of the few Russian Billionaire’s & he is one of the few billionaire’s around the world who likes to extend his luxurious life style beyond that of a normal person. That is why the Russian is building the largest sailing yacht in existence with a length of more than 480 Ft. Unfortunately this boat has been a well kept secret ever since work on the vessel began back in 2012.

Andrey Melnichenko yacht

This ship is being named the White Pearl due to the fact that is resemble one. The ship is going to be 482 Feet in length, this is reminiscent of a river boat cruise vessel. None the less this ground breaking ship is the second yacht to be created by this billionaire, his previous vessel being the 394 Foot yacht “A” which is by far the most photographed yacht in the world. Apparently this vessel is going to resemble that of a modern palace within its inner cabins. There’ll be a three story high atrium, a massive swimming pool that is being designed to resemble the world of “Pirates of Caribbean” is being included as well and there’ll be enough rooms to fit the crew of sixty six people as well as his guests.

Those workers helping to complete the yacht have even begun to say that this yacht will make his original look like a dinghy and that this vessel alone could be compared to some of the most exotic cruise liners in the world. The billionaire has also noted that he won’t be selling his previous vessel either.

Yale Wins College Sailing Nationals

Yale, one of the most premium schools in the world has been able to win the LaserPerformance Team Race National Championship. This being the second of three sailing nationals for North America with this championship being hosted by the Salve Regina University Sailing Club. It showcased some of the best sailing seen in years.


The day began with various colleges from around the states sailing in the top eight round around 9:30 A.M. The competitors were all met with bad sailing conditions as the cloud cover was apparent with lingering rain as well as thunderstorms within the area. Winds kicked up to 10/12 knots per hour and by the end of the day a solid 15 knots to 20 knots with major gusts of wind were upon the lake.

Yale was able to make an impressive performance as they took on the College of Charleston, Stanford University and Boston College. Everyone did take a hit though, including Yale as this did lose two of the eight rounds for the day. None the less Yale came out on top as the winning team, members of the Yale Yacht Club expressed their joy of winning and noted that they hope to do the same in the third championship of the year.

Yale has always been one of the leading yacht clubs for the college/university based sailing clubs. Yale is considered to be the cream of the crop in terms of schooling & this means that all sports related teams must resemble the schools image. We’ll keep you posted on how Yale does in the third championship being held at the New York Yacht Club.