Day Sailing

Day sailing could be mostly considered a type of recreational sailing, with small boats used that don’t allow for long range voyages. It is worth mentioning that the sailboat, if it has accommodations and enough room for provisions, is capable of doing long distance voyages while a powerboat wouldn’t be able to do that unless it was considerably larger. Since there is no requirement for fuel to last the entire trip, the sailboat is capable of achieving that kind of feat. Nevertheless, it is considerably more difficult to do that with a short range boat that is mostly designed to stay near the coast.

Day boat

Recreational sailing usually takes place in the immediate vicinity of the port. Often enough it involves the use of a relatively small boat and it involves trips that take the boat across the bay, along the coast or out on the sea but not very far away. The crew usually consists of a single person, which is enough when the boat is smaller. When there are others helping, they’re usually family members or some friends, not hired crew.

What are dayboats

The dayboat or day sailer is considered a boat that is usually bigger than a dinghy, but which is still considered on the small side. They sometimes have sleeping accommodations while in other cases they don’t. Their hulls can be either mono or multihull. In many cases, the cabin that these boats have is very small, mostly for storage purposes but which could be used for sleeping as well if it’s absolutely necessary. They are much more stable when compared with dinghies and they are sailed about the same way you would sail a smaller yacht. The typical dayboat will usually be used just for one day, though they would be built for trips of up to 48 hours. Most of the time, they would be smaller than a keelboat, which starts at about 27 ft length.


This type of activity is a favorite for many during summer months. A family or group of friends could take their small boat out during the day and once they reach a place where they can anchor they do so. They often stop at night to explore an island that is isolated, they fish and they swim. While they don’t return at night to the port where they departed from, they usually don’t sail during the night and they can be considered as part of the day sailing group. It’s especially true since they don’t stray too far away from the coastline.

Saltwater Fishing

Fishing fans will be able to appreciate the merits of a day trip out on the sea, especially if they have their own boats instead of having to charter one. Saltwater fishing can be a rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing, allowing you to catch fish of sizes and species that wouldn’t be possible in regular rivers and lakes. Whether you’re looking for a nice tuna or a swordfish, a small boat equipped with quality fishing equipment will prove to be a great way to spend a day.

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