You will find that there are a lot of rental options for you to choose from, if renting a sailing boat is what you’re after. Making the right decision should be something you do after carefully considering all your options and the reasons why you need that boat. There are some boats that are more appropriate for luxury cruises, while others are the kind you would use to do some saltwater fishing or to spend a day on the ocean while enjoying the sun and maybe do some scuba diving.


Type of Boat

There are a couple of different types of sailing boats if you consider just the type of keel it has, though the type and number of sails is also used to classify these vessels.

If you want a typical sailboat, that’s somewhere in the 20 to 30 ft size range, the keelboat is your best bet probably. Another one would be the catamaran, vessels that thanks to the double hull will give you more stability and faster speeds. The trimaran is a step beyond the catamaran, with three different hulls part of it that is very stable but also sometimes difficult to maneuver. Cat boats and yawls are two other potential good choices if you’re looking to rent a small to medium sized boat.

Each type of boat will have its own pros and cons, some of them being designed to accommodate saltwater fishing, others to host parties onboard and others to provide comfort for long distances cruises.

With Crew or Without

While a simple car requires the owner to hold a license in order to be able to drive it, the same doesn’t apply to sailing boats. While there is no official requirement in place, the company that’s renting out the sailboat will want to make sure their boat is safe. If they determine that you know your stuff and maybe there are others in your party that know how to handle the sails and they can help you out, you might be able to rent their boat without getting a crew. If you’re still a beginner though, chances are that you will have to pay something extra for at least one crew member.


Bigger boats are usually more expensive, no matter what you do. Starting with insurance costs, then going to the larger crews and the higher rental fees, you will find yourself spending significantly more than with their smaller relatives. One important aspect of the boat rental decision is figuring out what your needs are, and then looking for a boat that meets them, even if it’s a smaller one. If the cost is an issue to you, try to choose the boat that fits your basic needs instead of going after the bigger and more luxurious options.

The smaller boats are usually around 32 ft, giving you the option of taking 4 to 6 passengers. The common ones go up to 52 ft, where 10-12 people could travel onboard besides the crew.

Some of the things you should be inquiring about include information on the sleeping cabins, on the experience of the crew, how old the boat is and the amenities that come with it. You will find that some have their own kayaks that you are able to use, while others provide hot tubs.


There is a certain romanticism to a sailboat cruise around the Greek Islands, in the Caribbean or in other popular areas of the world. Sailboats for hire are available pretty much everywhere, as long as you can afford them. They will allow you to explore multiple locations within the time you have onboard, taking you from one island to the next, to different ports and to different opportunities to enjoy the area. It’s a different type of travel, for those that aren’t in a hurry and prefer to enjoy their vacation time.

There are companies that specialize in sailboat and yacht rentals, with dozens or hundreds of different options for you to choose from in every part of the world.


The price depends on a number of things. It will vary from one month to another, as the seasons change and the demand for the boat goes up or down. It will also vary from one boat to another depending on the size, the amenities included, staff that comes with it, the age and so on.

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