Saltwater fishing

The saltwater fishing boat can be the perfect choice for someone that enjoys hiring charter boats and has fished out on the ocean, but would rather have his own boat. With sailing boats, you actually get a bit of an extra challenge since you have to use the sails as well, not just fish and point the boat in the right direction.

saltwater boat

The types of ships that could make for decent fishing boats are quite diverse, starting with flat decks and continuing with cabin cruisers and so on. Depending on how much actual fishing and sailing you want to do with it, you can consider either renting one from time to time or buying your own.

Swordfish, kingfish, blackfin tuna, sailfish, these are just a couple of examples of fish you could be going after with your own boat at your disposal and with the right equipment.

Boat size

The sailing boats that a fisherman could use don’t have to be that large. Since you’re not going to use it for long distance cruises and you don’t intend to have large parties onboard, a modestly sized boat should be more than enough. Consider the size of the party that you will take fishing and if you can accommodate at least 4-6 passengers it’s probably enough.

Do keep in mind that when you’re dealing with saltwater fish you’re going to find that both the tackle and the fish are considerably larger, so there should be enough space on the deck to allow the anglers to maneuver and bring the catch onboard.

Inshore vs Offshore Boats

These criteria should be considered as well, depending on the type of fishing you want to do.

The inshore fishing boats are used when you don’t intend to go too far away from the shore. A boat that stays close will be used in shallow waters, so a requirement in their case is to have a shallow draft. Bay boats or flat boats are used in this case. They are generally up to 25 ft long and they are taken out for relatively short periods of time, without going too far away from the mainland. If you’re a fan of fishing for redfish or tarpin, the inshore boats are a perfect fit for you.

The offshore boats are the ones you choose when you’re looking to go after bigger fish and you also want to be able to stay out even in bad weather. The price is an issue, since they’re both bigger and with more safety features, so they are more expensive. Fishing out in the ocean is more dangerous than just staying close to the shore, so approach this activity only if you have the experience for it, or you have someone with you that can help out. The choice is a lot more varied if you get an offshore fishing boat, so you will be able to get tuna, swordfish and even shark.

Engine or not

Fishing doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable affair. After all, you’re out there to relax and maybe have a beer, so it’s a good idea to invest a bit in comfort as well. A sailing boat allows you to go back to the roots and to go out on the open sea and fish with just the wind at your back. While a sailing boat is definitely the way to go if you invest the time to maneuver it, having a small engine as well can be a blessing for a beginner, giving him some extra safety.

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